Introductory Workshops to PRH Education

Fostering My Self-Esteem

The way in which you accept yourself and value yourself affects the way in which you
lead your life, relate to others and your surroundings. In this introductory workshop
you will explore that which forms the basis of your self-esteem, that which diminishes
it and what can help you to value and accept yourself more.

Decision Making Workshop

In this introductory workshop to PRH education you will be introduced to a method for
making decisions that in time will leave you feel more self assured in the decisions
you make.

The Value of My Life

In this introductory session you will have the opportunity to discover and appreciate
all the positive that is in your life. The movement of appreciating what we have brings
us in touch with our own positive core and helps us to see our life more positively.
We can then begin to let go of faulty mechanisms, such as, comparing ourselves with

Gift to Myself for Mother’s Day

Give yourself some time apart to reconnect with the best of yourself in nature. Spend
some quality time understanding yourself with the help of PRH research. Have a life
giving day with other mums.

Weekend of Integration of Texts

The observation Notes given out in workshops introduce participants to the PRH explanatory system. This weekend module offers participants an opportunity to integrate more deeply these texts, to ask questions, to assess where they are on their growth journey and to plan one’s future progress of growth.

Prerequisite: The Educator offering this weekend chooses the text to be integrated and usually informs the people who have participated in the workshop from which the texts are taken. However, if you are interested in this weekend do contact an educator.

Relating to Money and Possessions

This workshop helps participants stop and look at the way they are living the many aspects of their daily lives in relation to money and possessions. It enables persons broadly explore this whole area and will be particularly beneficial for those seeking more clarity and coherence in this area of life.

Learning to Face My Difficulties More Constructively

In this 2 day introductory workshop you will focus on ways to deal more effectively with difficulties coming from within and/or outside yourself. You will become aware of your ways of reacting that are not helpful and discover attitudes and means that can help you face your difficulties more constructively and to grow through them.

Prerequisite: none