PRH (Personality and Human Relations) is an international school of education in personal development. It offers a growth programme designed for adults and young adults who wish to increase self-awareness and achieve a greater degree of self-fulfillment.

We invite people to experience their personal riches and resources. We help them strengthen the most essential part of themselves, to experience it and develop it. In this way persons can

  • become themselves,
  • give their full potential,
  • experience being responsible for their life,
  • find their purpose,
  • value their creativity,
  • free themselves from that which blocks their fullness of existence.

Each person has a fundamental desire to become who they are at the heart of themselves, to live their own unique personality and to be happy. We help them to get to know their own identity made up of their own qualities, abilities and values which make them unique.


You learn about yourself through your own life experience. We offer workshops based on a theme, e.g. Who Am I?, Freeing Life In Me, Clarifying My Relationships….(see calendar); short modules; helping relationships/counselling. It is possible through PRH education to find fulfilment, inner happiness, make better decisions, be yourself in your relationships and have more confidence. You can learn to manage frustrations, to become familiar with the life within you and much, much more.

In the words of Andre Rochais, Founder
‘Let your personality unfold, enrich your relationships and contribute to the advancement of our world’

You can find out more about PRH by exploring our website or by visiting our international website