About PRH

What is PRH?

PRH (Personality and Human Relations) is an international school of education in personal development for adults and young adults.

It offers educational programmes designed for people who wish to increase their self awareness and achieve a greater degree of self-fulfillment.

PRH holds the belief that all people aspire to live their potential and to contribute in their own unique way to society.  André Rochais, Founder of PRH, wrote:

“Our humanity is made of various types of personalities, each having value.  Everyone can, in his or her small world, be a contributing factor to innovation, progress and movement toward more humanness.”

PRH is established  in over 30 countries world-wide.  Its explanatory system of the person in a process of growth, developed through more than 30 years of applied research, is universal.  That is, it is for all people, regardless of race, culture, religion, educational or economic background.*

The PRH Explanatory System is not taught as such; rather it prioritizes self-discovery through analysis of one’s own life experience.

For a more detailed description of PRH visit our international website @ www.prh-international.org

The Results of our Research

We help people understand:

  • their feelings
  • their reaction or abscence of reactions
  • their behaviours
  • what prevents them from living according to who they are.

*PRH workshops are not recommended for people with severe emotional disturbance except with approval of their physician or psychiatrist.

What can PRH do for you?

Depending on your commitment and your use of the different means we offer, you can achieve the kind of results that we have observed:

  • Live with greater self-confidence
  • Find inner harmony
  • Make better decisions
  • Relate better with others
  • Bring your personal contribution to the society in which you live

What has PRH to offer you?

If you decide that PRH meets your needs we can offer a range of educational tools from which you can choose:

  • 5 day workshops
  • 2.5 day workshops
  • 2 day workshops
  • Follow up groups
  • Individual accompaniment
  • A personal methodical growth program
  • Support for the personal work of self-education from professional educators