Fees for PRH activities are established according to a sliding scale of fees which takes into account the financial means of each participant.

Whenever it is impossible for participants to pay the fees according to the scale, they may negotiate a mutually acceptable solution with the PRH Educator.

Daily Fees for Workshops

Up to €1500 €50
€1500 – €2000 €60
€2000 – €2500 €70
Above €2500 €80

Fees for Helping Relationship

NeT Monthly Income Fees per meeting
Up to €1500 €40
€1500 – €2000 €50
€2000 – €2500 €60
Above €2500 €70

We offer a Sliding Scale of Fees in order that PRH education be available to as many people as possible.

PRH is a non-profit making Association. The fees paid by those who avail of PRH education cover the running costs of the Association and the Educator’s salary.

  • You determine your fee by taking into account your total monthly income.
  • If you are unable to cover the lowest fee, you may ask the educator of the workshop for a negotiation form. This is to be completed and agreed upon prior to the date of the workshop.
  • A deposit of €50 per workshop is payable on registration. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the final payment. The balance is due 2 weeks before the start of the workshop.
  • Your residential charge, if any, is in addition and varies according to the venue of the workshop.

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